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Autodestrucción 2
N19°26'0.402" W99°9'40.831"

Autodestrucción 2 (in english: Self-destruction 2) belongs to a sculptural exercise held in 2013 by Abraham Cruzvillegas in the main hall of “El Eco” Experimental Museum, consisting in a constructive reuse of the material extracted by the artist during the remodeling of a house, where he now lives with his family. This project aimed towards turning the museum into a learning space, where the exhibition of one or more finished objects is as important as the ruminations, reflections and knowledge that arise from the necessity “of doing”.

The sculptural intervention also contained a provisional and emergent building within the space created by the emotional architecture of Mathias Goeritz. Four public dialogues between Cruzvillegas and his closest family members took place here, in order to learn more about them and share the experience with others. After two days, the back stories and activities individually performed by each family member ─the artist’s mother Angelita, his sister Eréndira, his brother Chucho, and his wife Alejandra ─shaped as an educational experience: A particular act consistent with the initial direction of the project was finally reached.

Autodestrucción 2 includes a fictional story written by Cruzvillegas entitled La Pendiente (The Slope) which derived from conversations and anecdotes that happened during the exhibition assembly, with staff working in the museum. This story encompasses the production mechanisms of the methodology that has been developed by the artist over several years and functioning as the backbone of his artistic language, which expands, increasingly, the limits of its own symbolic production.

David Miranda
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