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Abraham Cruzvillegas

Abraham Cruzvillegas about public art policiy and muralism (interview): Thus the muralist movement was born with the aim of making art as public as possible; I find this horrible, it is not that I find muralism to be horrible, but the demagogic attitude of the government standing behind this intention of providing people with culture by means of institutionalism seems quite paternalistic to me and I find that to be very similar to the beliefs and M.O. of the party currently in power: PRI.”

David Miranda

Interview from el Museo del Eco “I also believe that the artistic practice can be also understood as a kind of social work at the same time that it performs a critical reflection from within, assuming one is part of the situation it critics.”

Lorena Wolffer

Lorena Wolffer about activism and art “I don’t point them and I don’t set them apart. They are both part of the same process to me. I never say “This one is an actual artwork”, which is actually a word I struggle a lot with, and I use it because we have internalized it in common use and it is hard to leave that behind; but each time I say “artwork” something rebels inside me.”

Iván Puig

Interview with Iván Puig: “Poetic action has a very particular power. It is transformative in itself.”

Marcela Armas

Interview with Marcela Armas: “I’ve always been interested in this link and the possibility of making poetic and symbolic constructions. It seems to me that poetry itself has a transgressive aspect.”

Interview with Juan Pablo Macías

Interview with Juan Pablo Macías: “There are several things worth noting, such as the fact that I used institutional money in order to talk about anarchism, which seems to be one of the cardinal sins of anarchism itself, or the fact that I didn’t end the creative process with a standstill, collectible object.”


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