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Peter England
N 28°34'13.39" E 77°14'8.35"

In order to carry out this project, I wore an extremely expensive haute couture suit, made in India, from the Peter England brand, hence the name of the project. The action consisted of me carrying a mirror over my shoulder, which covered my face completely. The reflection of my arm holding the mirror made it seem (from one side) as if those were both of the arms of a headless man walking through the streets. Thus I visited several areas of New Delhi and Mumbai, especially the poorest and most troubled neighborhoods, while all of this walks were being documented.

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My objective was to reveal the many socio-cultural, economic and ecologic contrasts in the area, which are even more predominant in the greater cities. At one time, for example, I was standing with the International Bank Building behind me, and the mirror reflected the masses of people sleeping in the streets in front of me, in the most miserable conditions. I got this idea after seeing an anonymous black and white photograph, apparently taken in France during the 60’s, in which we can see a man walking through the streets carrying a mirror on his shoulder, thus giving the impression of being headless.
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