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Cross Coordinates
N31°46'17.436" W106°30'25.988"

Residents of El Paso and Ciudad Juárez were filmed when they played a game of cooperation by balancing a specially designed carpenter’s level, as a gesture of the delicate balance of life on the border and a reflection of political will in the cooperation and the balance between the involved parts.Show More

The gallery visitors played with the same carpenter’s level, accumulating meters of cooperation in order to achieve the goal of exceed the length of the MX-US border (3,169,000m), and to construct an aesthetic-political gesture of balance and collaboration possibility between two cities, countries or points of view.

The website works like the project’s open documentation, allowing to see, share and think, expanding the documentation and generating support gestures and sensitivity to the border’s problematic.

Project commissioned by the Rubin Center of the University of Texas in El Paso.


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