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Harina y Epazote
N 19°26'2.429" W 99°7'50.627"

For this project we adapted the former Santa Teresa temple and transformed it into an industrial manufactory, in order to process, pack and distribute huge amounts of flour and wormseed. With this in mind we established specific work areas and strict rules for the maintenance, care, handling, production, storage and distribution of the raw material, with the participation of students from different majors and volunteers, who worked with us during the three months during which the work took place.
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For this event the food was used without any further processing, but the technique and materials used for the packing process emulated those used in clandestine laboratories and industrial plants to wrap narcotics, thus making an evident reference to the subject of drug trafficking.

During the exhibition period we gathered a considerable amount of packages. After the project was finished, we donated those to a food bank, which in turn distributed them to low-income populations.

Eder Castillo
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