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Primera gran carrera del bolero en Azcapotzalco.
N 19°28'56.482" W 99°11'9.916"

In english: Azcapotzalco’s first shoe shiner race.

For this project we organize a race, where shoe shiners* ran with their working carts in Azcapotzalco Avenue, the main street of one of the oldest neighborhoods in Mexico City. Days before the contest, the race was promoted through the lots of flyers distributed and pasted in the surrounding streets. The shoe shiner who crossed the finish line first was awarded 750 pesos and a trophy topped by a shoe.

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Due to the success and popularity earned by the event, the Local Goverment decided to establish and celebrate the race once a year as a tribute to those who practice this trade.

*Shoe shiners in Mexico usually polish shoes in the street. Most of them use ingenious vehicles in which they carry their stuff around and the clients seat while getting their shoes cleaned.

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