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Líder de Opinión
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This piece is a study of the mass media, specifically televised news and its role in forming public opinion. It is an investigation into how visual images can be used to validate a discourse. A news broadcast, which contains a range of footage, alternates news stories that are diametrically opposed to one another while using the same image as illustration. All the images are produced behind the scenes in real time from a series of models that trick the spectator.

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This piece was commissioned by the Laboratorio de Arte Alameda (LAA) for the SINERGIA exhibition in September 2008, under the curatorship of Karla Jasso. The show was the result of a seminar that ran for several months, in which researchers and experts from various fields related to energy and its context in Mexico participated.

The central theme of the seminar was the energy law reforms, which were discussed during those months not only on a legislative level but also from the perspective of public opinion, and which immersed the country in a media war where the only thing that became clear was the battle of interests. Considering that Mexico is a country with oil reserves, the discussion became an issue of capital importance. Little or nothing is now spoken about the topic.

Karla Jasso
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