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An interactive, interdisciplinary art project for public dissemination, SEFT-1 takes the exploration of disused railway lines as a starting point for reflection and research: historical importance, social implications, present circumstances and contexts. By examining the patterns of technological dependence, two poles of technology’s social experience emerge: utility and waste.

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SEFT-1 is a vehicle capable of traveling on land as well as along rail tracks. The aim of this exploratory probe is to perform a photographic, video, audio and textual survey of its encounters, the landscape and the surrounding infrastructure throughout the length of its course; for example, interviewing villagers walking the track, etc. Information is shared on the website,, where visitors can monitor the probe’s location and its condition, see geopositioning route maps, images and videos of its journeys, and access contextual data published by the research team. This data is also projected in some of the towns through which SEFT-1 passes.
Iván Puig, in collaboration with Andrés Padilla Domene

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