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Banca Autonoma di Sementi liberi da Usura (BAS)
N 41°59'49.711" E 14°28'32.721"

“The human problem consists in obtaining from earth the greatest amount of general happiness.” José Oiticica

BAS’s mission consists in simply and pacifically coming together, reactivating a dialogue between people of diverse backgrounds, generations, and beliefs, through the sharing of seeds free of usury. This implies reactivating the knowledge that seeds carry within and all around them as well.

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Dialogue, this term based on the lifeblood that is the sounding of our voice, is in perfect timing and in harmony with nature, functioning as the life fluxes that will nourish the relations that bind Earth and humans through knowledge. Laws made of biased words, of dead letters, of property deeds, instead unbound this millenarian relation on the basis of exploiting Earth’s natural resources (humans included).

For BAS a bank would function as a plain of intensities of this kind, activating an economy not made of coin but affectivity, making people come together without the consentment and protocols of the parasites.



Federico Bacci, Lucia Giardino
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